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Valentin M. N’senga

Managing Director

Having studied Customs Management at the Institute of Customs & Excise in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. N’Senga also attended, what is now University of Johannesburg, where he received a B.A. in Business Administration.
Valentin boasts extensive skill in risk and opportunity acquisition attained in his 15 years in the human resources field. This experience has added such skills as cross functional team and project management. As the managing director of Medina GC & MoZiKi (Pty) Ltd Valentin is responsible for maintaining close oversight of on-site operations, ensuring that efficient use of resources are allocated across affiliated expenses. To ensure quality performance Mr. N’Senga has put in place a process for procurement, cost management and strategic communication with Medina GC & MoZiKi (Pty) Ltd team members.