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We are the world’s leading logistics company, connecting people, markets and enabling global trade. Our aspiration is to be the first choice for customers, employees and investors worldwide- contributing to the world through responsible business practice, corporate citizenship and environmental activities. We focus more on service quality and introducing new products for electronic communications, thereby creating tighter links to better address customer needs.

Medina GC is now partnering with KinCargo!

Now you can airfreight with KINCARGO!

KinCargo is a U.S. Bonded, Licensed and Insured brokerage airfreight company which serves the diaspora, friends of Kinshasa, business associates and entrepreneurs. Medina GC and KinCargo have heard your call and we have responded to many like you. Now you can create your Economic Enterprise in Kinshasa with your LOCAL FAMILIES, BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, and PARTNERS using the AIRFREIGHT SERVICES of KINCARGO to drive your business. This is the engine you wanted. Pay once in the USA for everything and your correspondent in Kinshasa pays nothing. We pledge to clear your goods from OFIDA and deliver them to your Associates, Partners, and Families in less than ten (10) days from the date your shipment is given to our Airfreight Partners. Contact us at + / 240-469-5275 Please us this preferred client referral ID: MOZIKI or fill out the Shipping Form at KinCargo

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