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Our projects/contracts are mainly in the Real Estates, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Logistics, and trading of Natural Resources. Medina GC LLC’s and its subsidiaries’ operation is based on MoZiKi Turnkey Opportunity Program (TOP), a very transcending concept which can be applied to any products, services and solutions. MoZiKi TOP allows business to seamlessly streamline the global socio-cultural barriers by means of SOT-Service Oriented Technologies as a virtual bridge between the developing and the developed markets.


Medina GC has been in business since April 2010. Its projects within the Real Estate industry include fix and flip, buy and hold, and new construction in states like North Carolina, Texas, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia as well as countries like South Africa (2012) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (2020).

For all interested participants; investors, contractors and suppliers.

Recent Activity

Through our strategic partners, Congo Enterprise and Infrastructure Development Inc (CEIDI) and REA Immo SARL we were able to fully execute a land acquisition in the DR Congo worth 10.8 million USD in March 2022. The preliminary phase consisting of infrastructure development requires 26 million USD. Our Strategic partners in the DR Congo are projecting the development phase to take 7 years or by 2029. The costs are roughly $126 Million. This project is called Maluku Preserve located in Maluku, Kinshasa, DR Congo.

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Today Medina GC has done more then 44 flip projects, estimated over $8.9 million USD, over the past 12 years. Buy and hold projects amount to over $5,900,000 USD and new construction projects estimate over $2.9 million USD.

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We design and implement innovative approaches to solving existing problems and making profitable investments with our extensive experience across all sectors.


We leverage our expertise and many years of experience in every industry we venture into. We manage and execute challenging projects with varying budgets and complexities.


At the center of our commitment as a brand, we manage and deliver small to large-scale projects within the expected time ranges. We take delight in keeping the promises we make.

Company’s Mission

Our mission is to become a fully-integrated investment company while caring for, respecting, and trusting all of its stakeholders.

Financial Capacities

Medina GC LLC has handled projects from 155,000 USD up to 25 Million USD. Along with our strategic partners, we can handle any US dollar amount projects ranging from 26 Million up to 2.5 Billion USD.

Company’s Vision

Our vision is to preserve the wellness of humanity, teach others how to create their own wealth, as well as create new disruptive businesses.


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Medina GC LLC is a strategic business development, contract-asset management company.