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Colin McClelland

Business Development Director

Colin is a successful business owner and entrepreneur from Austin, TX., with over 10 years creating, building, and leading teams in both Los Angeles and Texas. In 2007 he went one step further and founded a business development and rebranding company, Bravado Investments, LLC. With a sharp analytical acumen, he combined traditionally separate industry segments to diversify and increase revenue streams, streamline efficiency, and created both traditional andnon-traditional partnerships. Knowing that a company is only as good as its employees, he focuses just as much time on creating cohesive, supportive work environments as proactively seeking lucrative opportunities that propel businesses to exceed their targets. Despite operating during the U.S. financial crisis, he was still able to create new divisions, double sales, restructure day to day operations, and hold 0% turnover rates year after year for his clients.

Colin officially joined Medina GC & MoZiKi (Pty) Ltd. in February 2013, although he’s been informally consulting with Andjelo since late 2012. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA, is a certified Project Manager, and has travelled the world, living and working in Italy, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the United States.